1. Definitions

In the Conditions outlined below, the term “General Conditions” is understood to mean:
1.1 “Participant: the individual who participates in the conference, organized by Sapienza Innovazione in accordance with the Agreement between Sapienza Innovazione and the Customer.
1.2 “Registration Form”: that part of the internet site www.efs.it, that is completed by the Customer.
1.3 “Customer”: the individual who enters into an Agreement with Sapienza Innovazione.
1.4 “Agreement”: an Agreement between Sapienza Innovazione and a Customer which relates to the participation to the 16th European Fusarium Seminar.
1.5 “Sum”: the total amount payable, including vat, for the participation to the 16th European Fusarium Seminar, the official dinner and the guided tours in accordance with the Agreement.
1.6 Sapienza Innovazione based in Rome.

  1. Application of Conditions

2.1 These general Conditions apply to all registrations confirmed, by Sapienza Innovazione and to any Agreements connected to, derived or arising from them.
2.2 Sapienza Innovazione refuses to accept as applicable any general, or specific, Conditions or stipulations made by the Customer.
2.3 Changes or additions to the Agreement, or general Conditions, in whatever form, apply only if Sapienza Innovazione has agreed to them in writing.
2.4 In the case of any contradiction between definitions within the general Conditions and the definitions within the Agreement, the latter prevails.
2.5 Should it arise that one of the definitions within the general Conditions is not applicable, unlawful, or in violation of civil order, only that definition will be considered as null and void whilst all and the other general Conditions will remain in full effect.

  1. Reaching an Agreement

3.1 All offers made by Sapienza Innovazione free from obligation and limited by the available capacity, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.
3.2 The Agreement is reached after the Customer has returned the registration form to Sapienza Innovazione.

  1. Payment

4.1 The Customer agrees to pay the proper registration fee, in full, by means of:

  • Bank transfer or
  • Credit/Debit card.

4.2 All registration fees are to be paid in euro. Any currency exchange has to be paid by the participant.

  1. Instructions, Rules of Conduct

5.1 The Participant is obliged to comply with all reasonable instructions given by Sapienza Innovazione for the purpose of successfully implementing the Agreement. Furthermore, the Participant has to respect the rules of conduct to be observed during the participation to the seminar.
5.2 A Participant who causes, or could cause, inconvenience, or disturbance, to such an extent that successful implementation of the Agreement is made difficult, may be excluded by Sapienza Innovazione The Participant is liable for all resulting costs and damages.
5.3 I hereby allow that photographs and other footage taken by a Sapienza Innovazione staff member during the seminar to be used only for promotional purposes by Sapienza Innovazione, including the use of these photographs in society’s social media networks.

  1. Liability of Sapienza Innovazione

Sapienza Innovazione may not accept liability for personal injury, loss/damage to property, personal or otherwise belongings of participants and/or accompanying persons, either during or as a result of any events.

  1. Liability of the Customer

7.1 The Customer is liable for all damage which is caused to Sapienza Innovazione, and/or a third party, as a direct or indirect result of actions taken by the Customer which do not comply with the rules of conduct.
7.2 The Customer will indemnify Sapienza Innovazione against claims by third parties which result from the Participants misuse of facilities, in accordance with the Agreement.

  1. Disclaimer

In the event that the seminar is cancelled by Sapienza Innovazione in case of “force majeure” the registration fee and any other service ordered through the registration will not be refunded. Sapienza Innovazione and the organizers will make every endeavor to assist you in minimizing the consequences of such cancellation. Nevertheless, you may wish to insure yourself directly against such a risk.

  1. Cancellation by Customer

Refund of registration fees will be made as follows

  • Cancellations received on or before February 15, 2023: full refund less 60 Euros handling fee
  • Cancellations received between February 16, 2023 to April 30, 2023: 50% refund
  • Thereafter April 30, 2023: no refund

Cancellations and refund requests must be requested by e-mail to segreteria@efs16.it.

  1. Confirmation, Alterations by the Customer

Each participant will receive the registration overview and email notification confirming the received payment and eventually state the amount outstanding after the completion of the Online Registration Form.

Any replacement, changes or modification can be subject to a EUR 60 fee for administrative cost.

  1. Participant Insurance

The registration fee does not include participant’s insurance against accidents, sickness, cancellation, theft, property damage or loss. Participants are advised to take out adequate personal insurance enlignepharmacie.com/.

  1. Applicable law and disputes

12.1 Only Italian law is applicable to the Agreement and all Agreements derived from it.
12.2 All disputes that might occur between parties as a result of the Agreement, or the Agreements derived from it, will be dealt with by a competent court in Rome.